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Stain Resistance to the Second Power

The water and oil repelling qualities of Ameripolish® SR2™ Sub-surface Stain Resistor2 provides superior stain protection on most substrates. With a small molecular structure, maximum penetration is assured. Penetration depth is controlled by the application rate, or loading rate. This makes SR2™ ideal for protecting polished concrete and other dense, color-sensitive surfaces. Moisture and water-carried salts are blocked, minimizing chlorides and surface erosion.

Ameripolish® SR2™ is part of a two-component Penetrating stain repellent specifically formulated to protect polished, dyed and non-dyed concrete from oil, water-based stains and acidic etching agents. Designed specifically for protecting non colored and colored polished concrete floor. To obtain optimum performance, Ameripolish® SR2™ is to be used with Ameripolish® 3D (HS or HSL) Densifier. Ameripolish® SR2™ can also be used with dyes and densifiers from other manufacturers; however, optimum stain resistance and color retentioncannot be assured.


Ameripolish 3D Multiple Level Densifier can be used by itself or with Ameripolish dyes and stain protectors.• Oil and food stain resistance

• Excellent stain protector for industrial applications

• Long-lasting protection

• High coverage rate

• Non-topical penetrating

• Safe for surfaces that experience high traffic

• Few instances of color change (slightly darkens concrete)

• Non Flammable

• Treated surfaces “breathe” and do not trap moisture

• Compatibility to bond with SureLock™ Color System components to protect color

• Provides a chance to clean up spills before they stain or etch a surface.

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