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Super-Shine D.I.P.’s

VMC Super-Shine Pads are a user-friendly way to achieve a light restoration or maintain a existing polished marble, limestone, travertine, or terrazzo floor. Requires only water! Perfect for grinders, buffers, burnishers, or auto-scrubbers!

Sizes 17″ & 20″

Honed / Matte Finish

  • Green- Hone Finish
  • Red- Satin-Hone Finish

Polished Floor

  • Blue- Removes Fine Scratches, can be used after a 400 grit diamond.
  • Gray- Provides a High Shine
  • Yellow- Provides Extra Shine

Call For Pricing: 1 (800) 460-4896

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17", 20"


Green, Red, Blue, Grey, Yellow


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