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Introducing the newest member if our TRACKER line of machinery, the Tracker 503. With its built-in dual vacuum ports & water tank, the Tracker 503 offers the versatility to grind wet or dry, making it great for polishing stone and/or concrete. Operating on 220V & providing 7.5 HP, it has the power to grind/polish without the inconvenience of requiring the higher voltage that many larger grinders need to operate. The planetary design allows for faster, more consistent grinding which leads to faster production saving time & money!



Weight: 352 lb.
Amperes: 22 A
Motor: 7.5 HP
Voltage: 220 V
Hertz: 60 Hz
Diameter: 19.5”
Water Tank: 8 gallons
Noise: 75 db

Call For Pricing: 1 (800) 460-4896

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